MGIRI (Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Rural industrialization) is a National institute under Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India. MGIRI has been working with a vision “To accelerate the process of Rural Industrialization in the country along the lines of Gandhian vision of sustainable and self reliant village economy and to provide S&T support to upgrade the products of rural industry so that they gain wide acceptability in the local and global market”. In the process to achieve the above, Rural Craft and Engineering Dept. of MGIRI had in the year 2010-11 made strenuous efforts to institute a Community radio setup in order to actively use the FM radio as a medium “To promote Rural Entrepreneurship/ Village Industries, Health Awareness, Legal Literacy, Literacy & Women Empowerment Etc”. The community radio station was set up in the premises of MGIRI Institute. The setup has been formally inaugurated with a signature tune devoted to Radio MGIRI 90.4 FM and has been continuously broadcasting from 22nd Apr 2013 onwards after getting due Wireless operating Licenses by department of Telecommunications under Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Govt. of India. Initially the broadcast were done for a period of 3 hours between 6 and 9 AM and a repeat programme was during 6 and 9 PM. The broadcast during the initial period constituted considering the local factors & community related programmes were for a 50% of the duration entertainment programmes were for the balance duration. It was found that the Radio MGIRI 90.4 FM during the first year was getting popularized and the feedback from listeners on the broadcast about the programmes was on the rise. Now considering the suggestions from the listeners to get immediate responses to a dedicated Mobile No 9561558899 was permanently assigned to the crew. Initially the coverage were related to Bhaktirang (Religious programmes),Warde kathachya goshti (programme for agriculturists), Swamini (Women empowerment), Kayada applyadari (legal issue), Niramay Wardha (Health awareness campign), etc were broadcasted in addition to activities of MGIRI which supported technical aspects of rural industrialization. Based on the well received feedback on some of the programmes such as Chintan ( Mind Stirring) programme became very popular and almost 240 continous episodes were broadcasted by Shri Devarao Maharaj recordings continued for a period 7 months and a set of 2 CD’s were created. In a week almost SMS feedback received has been mounting to almost 200 nos. Based on the popular demand of listeners a new slot expansion has been made between 1 to 3 PM from the month of April 2014 onwards. Some of the new programmes added have been Ghey Bharari (Programme on Self sustained successful women entrepreneurs), Tarun Wardha (Expert opinion & talk on successful entrepreneurship for unemployed youth), Baliraja chi yashogatha (Agriculturists working with successful farming techniques) and a programme for local youth to share their talents. The Radio MGIRI 90.4 FM has been successfully marching towards 6 year completion without any break.
Current Broadcasting Timimgs :
Morning 6 to 10 am
Afternoon 1 to 9 pm

Core Team

Mr. Swanand Kalambe – Station Coordinator
Miss. Kalpana Pantawane – Station Co-coordinatior

CRMC Members

Dr. R. K. Gupta – Director – Chairman
Dr. K. V. Rao – Dy. Director – Member Secretary
Dr. A. K. Agnihotri – PSO – Member
Dr. K. R. Yadav – Dy. Director & HOO – Member
Mr. Tapas Ranjan Kar – Dy. Director – Member
Mr. H D Sinnur – PSO & DDO – Member
Mr. Swanand Kalambe – Station Coordinator
Miss. Kalpana Pantawane – Station Co-coordinatior
Dr. Aprajita Vardhan – SSO – Member